Hands Free Tap

The perfect complement for Bag in Box

  • Fixed Top Fácil de usar Easy to use
  • Fixed Top caudal regular Regular flow
  • Fixed Top reutilizable Reusable

It has never been easier!

At Fixed Top, we work to make bag in box simpler and more attractive for consumers. That's why we've developed the hands-free system, allowing you to serve directly from the bag in box with just one hand. It fits perfectly with the Vitop tap, and you don't need any tools to assemble it; in less than a minute, it's ready to serve easily and comfortably.

  • Very easy to use. Serve yourself from your bag in box as if it were a fountain in a fast-food restaurant.

  • Produces a regular flow without drips when finished.

  • Reusable. Simply remove it from the empty bag in box and place it on a new one.

  • Includes a reinforcing plate to prevent the cardboard box walls from collapsing.