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At Fixed Top, we have developed a hexagonal bag in box aiming to enhance the classic format. By combining creativity and innovation, we create a format consisting of a customizable cardboard band and two plastic caps, making bag in box more attractive to consumers.

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Imagine any geometric shape you desire:

  • Premium bag in box with a renewed and quality image.

  • Stackable cap design facilitates storage and transport.

  • Its hexagonal shape acts as a "column," improving weight resistance and preventing breakages and returns.

  • Quick and easy assembly, no need for auxiliary machinery or additional elements (seals, glues, etc.).

  • Possibility to package large quantities with a quality presentation.

No flaps or complicated closures.

Our Sizes

We offer different bag in box sizes to choose from based on your needs:

2 liters

Perfect size for refrigerators or cabinets.

3 liters

Ideal for gift format, quantity in a compact size.

5 liters

Store large quantities in a very small space.

If you have any questions about the different formats we work with or are unsure which suits your needs best, feel free to contact us. We will guide you in choosing the best option for you. You can also request a quote through the contact form.

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