Bag in box, creativity and innovation

Fixed Top was born in 2019 with the aim of innovating and creating quality alternatives within the bag in box world. Improving its functionality, reinforcing its image, and striving to make this packaging format a mark of quality. We work with a premium bag in box format and develop accessories that make it more appealing to the end consumer.

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¿What is bag in box?

Bag in Box is a liquid packaging form, typically consisting of a plastic bag and a cardboard box. It is commonly used for packaging wine, oil, vermouth, juices, or water, among others. The main advantages of Bag in Box over other types of packaging are:

It prevents light from affecting the packaged liquid, maintaining its characteristics from the moment of filling the bag.

No oxygen enters the interior, protecting the liquid from oxidation, ensuring a longer shelf life.

It saves space due to smaller packaging size compared to alternatives like glass bottles, occupying less space despite having the same volume.

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