The time has come to change the concept of BAG IN BOX. We present exclusively for all of Europe, BOXXLE, the dispenser for bag in box bags. BOXXLE is a dispenser designed for hospitality and home use, allowing you to replace the traditional bag in box with bags as refills.

Its innovative design uses new technology to dispense without having to lift the box or take it to the edge of the counter or table. BOXXLE automatically elevates the liquid, allowing the tap to be above the glass. It compresses the bag automatically so you can make the most of your wine, vermouth, juice, milk, oil, etc.

Fixed Top boxxle

BOXXLE is compatible with any bag in box tap, requires no installation, and is easy to transport. It is ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, buffets, family gatherings, and outdoor events. Manufactured in stainless steel and high-quality ABS plastic, it is available for 3L bags.

Fixed Top paso para utilizar boxxle

Take the experience of consuming bag in box to another level by combining BOXXLE and HANDS-FREE TAP. HANDS-FREE TAP is a reusable accessory that fits over the "Vitop" tap of the bags, allowing you to dispense the liquid with just one hand, pressing with the glass. HANDS-FREE TAP can be customized with different colors, engravings, and prints, serving as a promotional item.